Renta 2012, Tax for Residents in Spain.


Renta 2012, Tax Declaration for Residents in Spain.

The tax declaration for residents in Spain for the year 2012, the period of the year to make this declaration has started. You have until the end of June 2013 to make your tax declaration Renta 2012.

Please contact us for an appointment to go over all the documents and to make your tax declaration for the renta 2012, you will need to bring the following details:

  • Annual receipts of all your income year 2012, state pensions, private pensions, interests, rental income, work income, etc. Remember, as resident in Spain, you will need to declare in Spain your world income.
  • In case of a property where you have rental income from, bring receipts of the cost that you have had like; insurance, council taxes, etc.
  • In the case you have bought and or sold properties in Spain, all details of the sale or purchase.
  • End of year statements from your Spanish bank accounts, savings and investments. These you can request at your bank.
  • In case of doubt whether something needs to be in the tax declaration 2012, just bring along the documents so that our solicitor can have a look at it.

Renta 2012 is compulsory for all residents in Spain, where were residing as residents in Spain for the year 2012. When you declare the taxes in Spain, due to the double tax treaty, you won´t have to pay taxes in your home country where you pension may come from.

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