Assets report 2013, check with us if you need to do this.


The assets report 2013, the new tax report for residents. Since January 2013 over the year 2012, for all residents in Spain with more then 50.000,-€ abroad in bank accounts, property and/or annuities etc.
The assets are divided into 3 groups, bank account, property and bonds/annuities and deposits. If in 1 of the 3 groups you have over 50.000,-€ then you need to report this.
Be aware that this is for your assets worldwide, everything beside your assets in Spain.
In the year 2014 this needs done with assets report 2013. For the ones that already have reported over 2012, they only need to report when there has been a change for a sum larger then 20.000,-€ in 2013.
For all others that did not report in 2013 over 2012, but in the year 2013 their assets abroad have grown over the limit of 50.000,-€, have to report now in 2014 over 2013.
Please be aware that the Spanish tax office gives heavy fines for tax residents not reporting their assets abroad!

Contact your solicitor to see if you need to make assets report 2013.

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