Non resident taxes 2013


Non resident taxes 2013

The Non resident taxes 2013 have to be paid before the end of 2014. It is an annual tax, compulsory to all non resident homeowners in Spain. This tax has to be paid to the Spanish national tax office (Agencia Tributaria). The Non resident taxes 2013 cannot be paid by direct debit to the tax office, payment goes with a filled in tax form through the bank. VM solicitors in Torrevieja takes care of the non resident taxes already for many years now, if you have any doubts about whether you need to pay non resident taxes, please contact us so that we can look into your tax situation in Spain.

The amount of non resident taxes 2013 is based on the rateable value of the land and the property. It is different for each property. In some areas the rateable value for the land or the property has raised, so the taxes will be higher. In a few areas it has dropped a bit, so a bit less to pay. Most areas the rateable values have stayed the same, so similar  tax amount to be paid as last year.

The non resident taxes 2103 are personal taxes, each non resident owner of a property needs to make a declaration to the tax office, each for his/hers percentage of ownership. In the case of multiple property owners where some owners are residents and some non residents, the non residents declare it in their non resident taxes and the resident in their annual income tax declaration.

If you rent out your property, you will need to declare the rental income in Spain. This declarations needs to be done in the current tax year, meaning that rental income for 2014, you will need to declare in 2014. This declaration goes in trimesters, the rental income from July, August and September 2014 you need to declare in October 2014. If you have any doubts on whether you need to make a tax declaration for the rental income, please contact us.

Not paying the non resident taxes may result in fines and interest on the tax value from the Spanish tax office and make it impossible to request the compulsory 3% tax sales retention back from the Spanish tax office on the sale of the property.

Non resident taxes 2013

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