Renta 2018, for tax residents in Spain


Renta 2018, income taxes Spain.

The Spanish tax office has started the income tax campaign, Renta 2018 again, this runs from April to the end of June 2019.

The tax year in Spain is from 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018.

All tax residents in Spain need to declare their worldwide income in Spain. This is your income from property, pension, salary, interest, dividend, property or assets sale, etc. from anywhere in the world. Any questions whether you need to declare something in Spain or not, consult us.

When are you a tax resident, when have obtained the residency in Spain in 2018 or before and live permanently in Spain, using the social insurance health care and being registered in the padron, the inhabitants registry of your town-hall. Of course there are several exceptions possible why you are or are not (yet) a tax resident, any doubts regarding this, just contact us.

The tax declaration we do by appointment, you need to bring us passport, residency certificate, padron, Suma/council tax bills, P60, state pension statement, bank certificate Spanish bank, statements of interest bank outside of Spain, any documents that show income you have obtained in any way in 2018.

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