Renta taxation for residents over income in 2014


Renta taxation for residents over income in 2014

Renta 2014 income tax declaration, Spanish Residents living in Spain for more than 183 days in one year basis during 2014 are subject to declare their Income Tax (Tax Returns) between May and June 2015 in Spain.

Are you a resident in Spain? Then you might have to declare Income taxes in Spain over your world wide income. Meaning declaring taxes over your pensions, interests, actions etc. all income you receive. In the case that your pension is taxed at source (some government employees have this kind of rule) your still need to declare all income here in Spain, taking in account taxes paid at source of course.

Are you a resident in Spain and you are no former government employee (ex-military or police force, for example) and you are still paying taxes in the UK, then you have right to claim this back. This can be done after receiving a declaration from the Spanish tax office that you are a fiscal resident in Spain.

The Tax year in Spain starts on 1st of January and finishes on 31st of December. The calculation of the Income Tax, named “RENTA” or “IRPF” is made the year after, considering all the residents world wide income. You will have to declare in Spain your interest on bank accounts abroad and also pensions, both state and private pension.

If you have over 700.000,-€ of assets in Spain and abroad you will also need to declare Patrimonio taxes, this is a tax calculated over the value of your possessions and assets world wide. This Patrimonio taxes are calculated over the value of property, cars, boats, bank accounts, investments, deposits, bonds, company shares, etc. If you have any doubt about whether you need to declare this contact us for an appointment.

Renta taxation for residents over income in 2014


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