Brexit information


Brexit information

As all know, on 31/01/2020, UK leaves EU.

It is important to know what will happen for you being a resident or non-resident in Spain, therefore this small post about Brexit information.

Non residents will most likely not encounter too many changes. They depend on the UK system for health care, pay their income taxes in the UK and have their domicile and residency in the UK. You will be able to travel to Spain and enjoy your property here under the Spanish sun as in the past.

Residents in Spain, these are the UK citizens that have changed in the past their residency and domicile from the UK to Spain, there will most likely be some changes. See a few changes below, further below there is also a link to a UK government website with more Brexit information on it.

What if you are a resident in Spain and you need to change your UK driver licence to a Spanish licence? This will not be like in the past. Now this process is quite easy and relatively quick. From February 2020, you will find that this takes more time and probably more paperwork, as the EU agreements do not apply anymore.

What about getting your Health Care in the UK validated? Using your Padron, Resideny and UK S1 forms, this will change also most likely. We have no information at this point what exactly will be required from the INSS, Spanish health care. If you need to get this done, contact us for an appointment.

Then regarding UK Pensions, many UK residents get their pensions paid into their Spanish banks, this is still going to be possible. Pension payers might ask you for documented proof of being resident in Spain though.

More Brexit information on this UK government website.

Need to get a padron, residency, Spanish drivers licence or health care cover in Spain, or maybe have questions regarding your personal residency or tax situation in Spain, please contact us for an appointment.
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