Rental income taxes T4-2019


Rental income taxes T4-2019

For the home owners renting out their Spanish property, it is time for the rental income taxes over the period T4-2019. Both long term and short term or holiday rentals need to be declared each trimester.

T4-2019 is for the months October, November and December 2019.

You will need to declare all income received those months, minus the cost for; home and content insurance, council taxes, estate agency/rental website, mortgage interest, utilities use, internet, etc.

This declaration T4-2019 must be paid and presented before 20/01/2020.

Any questions regarding this declaration or if you need us to deal with these taxes for you, contact us here.

For holiday rentals, in most cases you will need for your property a rental licence from the Valencian Government for properties in the Alicante area and from the Murcian Government for properties in the Murcia area.

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