SUMA electronic notifications system


SUMA, the company that does the council taxes in the Alicante Area, goes electronic. They will start to work with the SUMA electronic notifications system. As many government offices all has to be notified the electronic way, no longer on paper. This is for the environment good news of course, but for you as Non Resident in Spain it is not possible to receive these notifications that easy. Suma therefor has made an authorisation form that authorises us to receive these electronic notifications in your name.

Below there is a link to our website with the form partly filled in. Click on the link, it opens in a news screen or you can download it as a PDF file, you can fill in online your name and if you know your NIE (if not no worry then we fill that in), then print it, sign in “otorgante”, scan in (no picture with a mobile) and e-mail it to us.

Any question, just let us know.

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