Torre Pacheco, Council tax, IBI payment


For the ones having a home in Torre Pacheco, or one of their hamlets, like San Cayetano, Roldán. Balsicas, etc.

The town-hall of Torre Pacheco has extended and changed the payment dates for the annual council taxes, IBI. The IBI 2021 has a payment date from 01/06/2021 to 02/11/2021. For the ones who pay by direct debit in 2 instalments, the payment date are 01/06/2021 and 02/11/2021.

The payment will be visible on your bank within 2 days, if you do not see the payment debited, contact us.

In the case that the town-hall cannot debit from your bank the first payment, they will also not be debiting the second payment, so make sure to have sufficient funds in account.
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