Travelling to Spain? Covid-19 info.


Travelling to Spain? Covid-19 info.

As you will know, from many countries it is possible to travel to Spain now. There are still many restrictions however and also there is a strict border control when entering Spain.

The Spanish government has made an online Health Portal, where you can online generate a health declaration, this health declaration comes with a QR Code for your phone or to print. You need to be able to show the QR code on arrival to Spain. On this website you van generate the QR code and also there is more information on it. Mind you, it has to filled in for all passengers in your group! So including minors and disabled need to have their own form with QR Code, their tutor will be responsible for filling it in and its content.

The form is for flying passengers, but you can also encounter border control when travelling by car, bus or train into Spain.

For more information on Covid-19, the symptoms, what to do and who to contact, then you can consult this website, also a government health information website.

If you wish to know what the restriction are for the general public, bars/restaurants, hotel, cinema´s, churches, beaches etc. On this website you can check the de-escalation plan made by the Spanish government.

The main thing is to always keep the social distance of 2 meters, and in the case of for example shopping where this is not possible, to wear a face mask and gloves.


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